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All links taken from the mod forum thread of the same name, started by MR_E

If it isn't noted, the site is written in English


Writing Credits and the like

You can look up songwriters and composers via these online databases. These databases are not always a 100% match for what's printed on a release; they show the names of people who are currently designated to collect royalties. When searching, you may have better luck searching for partial matches, and experiment with omitting punctuation.

Genre-specific Discographies

  • hotdiscomix: Remix Services - selected services like Disconet, Hot Tracks, Ultimix, etc.
  • Wangdangdula - Selective but very comprehensive 7" artists and labels discographies in blues, R&B, and early rock'n'roll.


  • The Blues Database
  • Wirz - Selective blues artists and labels discographies focusing on lesser known artists and labels.

Electronic genres and styles


  • Jazz Discography Project - Discography and complete sessionographies for selected major jazz artists and labels, 1950's til present.
  • Jazz Standards - lyrics and music credits, limited to the standards (a standard is a composition that is held in continuing esteem and is commonly used in musical repertoires, e.g., as the basis of jazz arrangements and improvisations)
  • Redhotjazz - 78 RPM Jazz discographies, searchable by label and bands.

Reggae, Dance Hall, Soca and associated styles

Soul, R&B

  • Soulfulkindamusic - Mainly 7" records discographies for major, classic era soul & R&B artists, groups and labels.

Location-specific Discographies

Label-specific Discographies and Info

Artist Discographies

Assorted other sites of information

Other research tools

  • - home to the Wayback Machine, moderately useful for finding additional information on slightly older submissions, from websites that are now defunct or have removed useful pages.
  • Free Translation - including the major European languages, Russian, Japanese, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Google language tools
  • Babelfish by Altavista; like google's, but better
  • Word Reference - good for trying to figure out odd words, if automagic translation systems don't do well, or English isn't your native tongue
  • - helpful for figuring out some odd credits
  • Merriam-Webster Online - another dictionary
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