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Please note that this wiki has been 'locked down' for editing, creating new pages etc. This is due to continual spamming. In order to be able to edit, make new pages, upload images etc, your wiki username needs to be enabled to do this. Please contact "User Accounts" at and request to edit the wiki, stating your wiki username. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

What Is This Wiki For?

This wiki can be used for any purpose to do with the Discogs database, for example working and collaborating on new ideas, providing extra information for users etc. Feel free to get 'stuck in'. This wiki uses the same underlying software as Wikipedia, so you can check out their help section for how to edit things.

Although you can directly edit the wiki's articles (content pages), be aware that each article also has a Discussion link. The link takes you to the article's Talk page, which is sometimes a more appropriate place for commenting on the article and its content, rather than in the article itself.

Unlike in other wiki software, article titles in this wiki can contain spaces and punctuation; there's no need to use CamelCase or hyphens/underscores in titles.

Discogs Guideline Development

Discogs_Guideline_Review_2009-Second_Round - Current proposals for updates to the Release Submission Guide and other Discogs guidelines for users. Discussion is open to all.

Special pages

Discogs Info

  • Discogs Style Guide - Descriptions of music styles for each genre
  • Discogs Glossary - Definitions of terms like ANV, rankhunter, etc.
  • Discogs Credit Translations - Translations of standard credit roles
  • Discogs Help Translations - Translations of Help files, including the RSG

Adding to the Database


Development Discussion

Artist Page Reorganization

Labels brands and companies

  • Packaging - Help make a list and description of all packaging types.
  • Label/company brainstorming - Current exploration of alternative ways of listing label brands & companies in Discogs
    • Label of release - Lazlo Nibble's explanation of the difference between label brands & companies, and how to ascertain what label(s) a release is "on"
    • Label/company proposal - A proposal for credits-like data entry of labels & companies, including copyright
    • Label project 2006 - An earlier attempt to assess the label/company relationship complexities presented by a number of prominent labels in Discogs, and cursory proposals for dealing with them
  • Companies - A list of the kinds of companies & organizations that might be mentioned on a release

Catalog numbers


  • Several artist-related proposals - A set of proposals by Corne Mo for improving the handling of multi-artist collaborations, membership of aliases in groups, and the display of all releases (including those by aliases) on an Artist page


  • Master Release - Ideas for a system for grouping musically identical releases (editions for different territories, plus repressings and reissues), to reduce the length of artist/label pages

Submission Form


  • Outstanding v4 Issues - A list of all issues of concern in Discogs v4. It is intended to serve as a reference point, with collected questions and answers to cut down on the repeat posting in the various forums, and allow nik and teo time to answer all questions in an orderly fashion.
  • Mission Statement - A draft of a Mission Statement for Discogs

API And Data Dumps

  • API Resources - A list of libraries and examples in various languages related to the usage of the REST API and data dump files.
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