Discogs Guideline Review 2009-Second Round

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Carried on from Discogs_Guideline_Review_2009


Current Outstanding Guideline Issues / Todo


1. General Guidelines

2. Artist (inc ANV and joins)

  • Join field + colabs - rewording proposal at http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/189303#2384328 . This incorporates or attempts to address the following:
    • Solve or explain the joined / separated artist name problem - Why is Simon And Garfunkel joined? When should this rule be followed?
    • Should there be an automatic separator used for the join field? ATM it defaults to no separator, but this is usually (always?) not applicable. http://www.discogs.com/help/submission-guidelines-release-artist.html#Adding_Artists "a comma between them if there is no joiner on the release itself.". mjb I believe suggested that the slash (/) seems to be a good default, but pipes and commas are also a possibility. nik - let's go with a comma, it's less visually distracting for me and strikes me as less 'loaded'.
    • Make clarifications under "The Join Field and Artist Collaboration" section that collaborating artists must be distinct. So, (artist X) Presents (alias of artist X) is not considered a collaboration; it must always be split. This topic was raised in discussion at http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/186422 and the proposed guideline change is at http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/186638
  • Regarding Japanaese and Hungarian "Surname Givenname" name format - "The database artist names, label names, titles, and tracklisting should be treated as language-neutral. Artist names should be entered as they appear on the release. ANV's should not be created unless they appear on the release, or they appear on another release in the database. Future ANV's should be created once other releases are in the database. Names should not be swapped about unless there is a very clear and provable need to do so, and only after discussion and general agreement in the help forum." http://www.discogs.com/groups/topic/123447

3. Title

  • How to title split releases without a given title. - No Title (Split)?

A directive by the database manager have been issued on this. Please read here: http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/174811#2228748 So: no more new submissions titled Split if the release itself does not mention this as a title.

4. Label / Catalog Number

  • Explain how to differentiate between a new label, and a series on an existing label
  • To discuss - can we simplify the guideline regarding unique cat#s and shadow cat#s - is this something we expect the average submitter to know / learn / understand / apply?

5. Format

8. Genres / Styles

Why are styles required for the electronic genre and not for the rest? Proposal - remove this requirement or even extend it to the other genres. - needs to be coded

9. Credits

  • Need to work on the page indexing! "Indexed credit roles (ie. Producer, Mixed By) that entered in the same field with other multiple roles, are not indexed into their proper section on the artist page." http://www.discogs.com/help/forums/topic/156801#2026541 - this is something for the artist page reorg
  • Forbid the use of "[Credited To]"

11. Tracklisting (inc all tracklisting field rules)

13. Images

  • Make the guidelines less strict
  • Add some a section on photography / image manipulation

15. Master Release

17. Updating An Artist Profile


In Progress

11. Tracklisting (inc all tracklisting field rules)

  • Being discussed and formulated:
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